Development  History
In1996          Mr. Dou guoqiang established "shenzhen yunsheng technology co., LTD." Production of advanced whole factory coating equipment.
In2001          Mr. Dou guo-qiang created "gongming town, baoan district, shenzhen city"Start production of the GR1602 gas infrared furnace head. Is the birth of the sunsrays brand. In 2003         The operation department moved to the building village, and set up three structures of the headquarters office, the factory and the market department.Complete sets of equipment, such as lathe, punch, milling machine and welding machine, to produce the production capacity of the whole series cast iron infrared gas furnace.In the same year, Mr. Dou teng helped the sun to open a B2B platform such as alibaba integrity and, and launched online marketing. In 2005         Mr. Dou left the commercial aircraft corporation of China to officially join the sunsrays In 2006         The operation department moved to the third floor of the yip's industrial park in shijiazi. Expand to 660 square meters of regular workshop. In the same year, we received the first order from burger king of the United States to officially start the foreign trade business. 2007.6.4        Shenzhen sun hot energy technology co., LTD. Was formally incorporated. In2008           The company became a general taxpayer"Sun fire" and "SUNSRAYS" became the registered trademark In 2010          The company relocated to the pioneer park in nanshan district, shenzhen, which was strongly supported by the science and technology bureau of nanshan district.At the same time, the factory has moved to the first floor workshop of 1650 square meters of qingjiye industrial park, the jiqing industrial industrial park, the district of the guangming new district.In the same year, dealers and service points were set up in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia.In the same year, six utility model patents were granted. In 2011          I participated in the south mountain entrepreneurship competition in shenzhen, and won the eleventh place.Get government start-up funding. Receive credit from everbright bank. In 2012          I established a cooperation relationship with fujian engineering college, developed new products and approved 3 patents.In the same year, I received funds from shenzhen science and technology special funds, and received funds from overseas students. In 2013          Professor pan of the university of California, Los Angeles, discussed the plan to conduct a research on electric hybrid catalytic heaters. In 2014          The metal fiber infrared burner was successfully developed, and the air supply and air supply and control system were developed. And successfully entered the Korean market. In 2015          We cooperated with tongji university to develop successful small burner integrated ignition and supply air supply system, and implemented batch applications. In 2016          We developed a world-leading catalytic infrared heater and started in guangdong painting equipment exhibition in May.Develop the successful first mini gas remote infrared coffee roaster.