Company Profile

Shenzhen sunsrays heating science and technology company. Is a start-up enterprise of scientific and technological innovation, which is a support enterprise of national innovation fund, and is a special fund for technical development in urban areas. Its predecessor can be traced back to the shenzhen yunsheng technology co., LTD., which was established in 1996.

Over the years, we have been committed to providing advanced, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly gas heating system solutions for global industrial heating. We have cooperated with many universities and research institutes at home and abroad, and have more than ten patents. We have developed many series and dozens of models for industrial and commercial gas heating products. Our products are also popular with domestic and overseas customers because of their excellent quality and excellent service.

Quality is the foundation of survival and innovation is the soul of progress

Professionalism is the unremitting persistence of integrity is a solemn commitment

This is the heart of every fireman, and this is our commitment to the world. We should use unremitting efforts, hard sweat to sublimate ourselves, to achieve customers, to give back to the community! Let the fire of the sun truly become the source of heat energy in the field of global industrial heating!